Friday 14 March 2008

Reginald Sawdon

Reginald Sawdon was one of Mrs Angus's two brothers, who lived at the school throughout its existence until he died suddenly of a heart attack on the 12th of June 1967 (according to the 1967 Stouts Hill Magazine).

He was almost completely deaf and dumb, and David remembers that masters used to communicate with him using sign language.

David also remembers that he was very fond of his red motorcycle (around 1950), although later on he acquired a car and seems to have been equally fond of that.

Julian says he was said to have made the two model battleships that were displayed in glass cases outside the blue dining room.

Unfortunately I seem to have no memory of him. Sigh. My memory is like a colander.

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Philip Faulkner said...

Reg in later years had a Reliant Regal 3 wheeler . I seem to remember a Brown one. He could be heard driving before you saw him because being deaf he could not hear the gears being grated into gear. My father ( who was the gardener ) used to try to show him how to drive it as we had Reliants as well but Reg being dumb as well as deaf it was very hard to understand him . Reg is buried in Uley Churchyard . I seem to remember my father dug his grave .