Thursday, 1 November 2007

Front of school

This is the only photo I've come across so far showing a part of the school that doesn't exist any more: the gym/chapel on the right and the cuboid block on the left, with classrooms on the ground floor and New dorm above.

Bell door and gym

The bell above the door was the main school bell but I don't remember exactly on which occasions it was rung. Entering through the door, I remember a long corridor running up to the tuck shop at the far end, with classrooms on the right and then a dining room further on. I don't remember what was on the left, apart from the entrance to the large changing room with communal shower. I have a feeling there were some offices on the left near the entrance.

It would be quite interesting to get hold of a complete floor plan of the school as it used to be.

Vegetable garden

I came across a photo recently that reminded me of the vegetable garden that ran down the hill from the gym/chapel to the Cottage. I think this was divided into allotments, some of which were maintained by boys as an optional activity. Some of you out there may remember more about it.

Vegetable garden