Saturday, 22 November 2008

Stouts Hill Magazine

Paddy Scott-Clark, Julian Williams, and Jeremy Cape have kindly sent me some old issues of the Stouts Hill Magazine to scan, and I've now scanned all of them. In addition, John Morris has (even more kindly!) scanned eight magazines himself, and sent me the files.

As a result, all magazines from 1959 to 1977 are available for downloading here, with the exception of the 1965 issue, which I'd particularly like to get hold of (does anyone have it?).

The 1966 issue has 8 pages missing and 8 pages duplicated: evidently someone in 1966 made a mistake in assembling it. I've scanned only one copy of each duplicated page.

Technical note: I scan the magazines at 600 dpi and 16-bit greyscale, and archive the scans in TIFF files; but those files are large, so the files I upload to the Web are reduced to 150 dpi and 8-bit greyscale, slightly cropped, and subjected to JPEG compression. John Morris scanned his magazines at 300 dpi, 8-bit greyscale, JPEG.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Class of 1967/68

Julian has suggested putting together a list of our bunch, who travelled through the school together and left in 1967 or 1968. I can start threads for other years as demand arises.

  • Simon Cash-Reed
  • John Charles-Jones
  • Robert Cullen
  • Brian D'Arcy Clark
  • Michael Dolin
  • Richard Erskine
  • T. (Taffy?) Evans
  • Emile Farhi
  • Lindsay Gunn
  • Graham Holmes
  • Jeremy Klinger
  • Charles Llewellyn
  • Digby Macpherson
  • Jacob 'Yogi' Matheson
  • Malcolm & Robert St Maur Mills
  • Robert Morris
  • Grant Needham
  • Jonathan Palfrey
  • Michael Read
  • Timothy Sangster
  • Azad Shivdasani
  • Mark Waterstone?
  • Michael Webbern
  • Julian Williams
  • Donald Wynn
  • Robert Yorath

Here's a photo of some of us; date uncertain, probably 1965.

The gang in summer

R. Jackson (1960-65) and R. Coley (1961-66) have also been nominated for this list, but their dates at the school suggest that they were older than the rest of the group.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mr Coley

Stephen Fry mentions being introduced to poetry by an English master called Chris Coley. I never met Mr Coley, who apparently replaced Mr Birchall soon after I left the school in 1967.

Chris Coley, Lower Sixth classroom