Sunday 7 December 2008

Class of 1968/69

I can make a start on this from various sources of information.

  • William Annandale
  • Peter Dawson
  • Roger Fayle
  • Naveed Iqbal
  • Nicholas (?) Ireland
  • Graham Kirk
  • David Povey
  • David Quinn

Quinn, Iqbal, Povey, Annandale, and Ireland can be seen in the group below:

Mixed age groups


Peter Dawson said...

Hello All,

I was at Stouts Hill from 1965 to 1969. I can see myself and others I recognise in the group photo of 'Oliver'.

Jonathan: I've had a look at the magazines and photos and I think you've done a fantastic job with this material - thank you, :-)

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Peter. Do you have any old photos? Or the 1965 Magazine?

Peter Dawson said...

Oops - it's some time since I was here last. I've one or two photos but not the magazine. I don't have a scanner though, I will sort it.