Thursday 11 December 2008

Start your own threads

The normal way that a blog works is that the blog owner starts each new thread with an initial post, and the general public can then comment on it. I proposed initially that anyone who wanted a new thread on a particular subject could put a comment about it in the new thread suggestions thread, but few people have taken me up on that.

I've now noticed, rather belatedly, that I can invite particular people to become Contributors to the blog, in which case they can start their own threads. If you're interested in doing so, let me know, preferably by e-mail, because I'll need your e-mail address in order to issue the formal invitation. My address is here.

In order to be a Contributor, you need to register as a Blogger user, which is quick, easy, and free. You may also need to learn a little about how Blogger works; I haven't found it difficult myself.

As an alternative, you are of course free to start your own blogs. As this is my blog, I retain a certain amount of editorial control over it (I can delete stuff, etc.).

I've already added Alan Davis as a Contributor, because he's in charge of the Reunion and will probably have things to say about it.

I thought of setting a Fiendishly Difficult Exam for prospective Contributors, but gave up the idea on realizing that I'd probably fail it myself. I have fond memories, though, of the Assassins' School final exam as described in Terry Pratchett's Pyramids.


Richard Mechan 74 -79 said...

I remember in '79' when the school was closing down, there was a concerted attempt at escape by, Robert Ellis, Johnathan Biles, William Nutland, Mark Andrews, Charles Readon-Smith, Adrian Freeman and a few others to walk to Westonbirt ladies school, we were armed with a large Robinsons squash bottle with a touch of gin, tuck box size. Suffice to say we were determined and carefree, having escaped from blue, pink, long dorms and various classes, including Floods' chemistry, Kemps' latin and Bruces' cross country runs on many occasions over the various terms/years. To the best of my knowledge only two really escaped, Harry Godsell ran home and Owen Maze(who no one could find in the hills of Uley) I've no idea how we were caught by the Scots-Clarkes and the Cromies, we all'd split via the hard tennis courts and the familiar 'British Bull Dogs territory', evaded the Anguses's bungalow down to the sports ground, even run in the opposite direction over the ploughed potato furrowers around the cricket ground. The up-shot was the Headmasters office! below the blue stairs, and the dreaded dap! By this time the whole teaching ensemble had rounded up all the escapees. This is what Cromie said to me" you'll either be someone or end up in prison" the same thing he said to Stephen Fry but at least I remembered his name correctly. Cold, Otters, Tuck shop, chapped legs, the welsh rugby winning everything on the four channel TV in the library, two terms of ruby and a cellar full of damp/muddy smelling rugby boots.

Richard Mechan 74 -79 said...

Forgot the Shaylor and Bryant brothers, not to mention Abdula, big, bald friendly and great when you have a trunk box twice your size at nine years old.

Jonathan said...

Hello Richard, thanks for your memories. True, I don't have a thread about escapes from the school. During my time (1963-67) I think it was Graham Kirk who tried to escape (and return home?), but after a while he was found and brought back. Would have been hard for me: my parents lived in Nigeria at the time.