Friday, 17 October 2008

1968 school fête photos

I've added to the photos a couple of the 1968 school fête, provided by John Morris today. These are much higher-quality versions of two of the photos that appear in the 1968 Stouts Hill Magazine.

After the opening (with Mr and Mrs Angus):

Stouts Hill fête: after the opening

Boys selling in the rain:

Stouts Hill fête: boys selling in the rain


Anonymous said...

Paddy Scott-Clarke died on Saturday (17.10.14). The village is very sad at her loss as she was a wonderful woman. Very active in all village affairs including the church, the school and the community shop.

There is a book of condolence in the church for anyone whose lives she has touched.

I tried to contact you privately to pass this on (Alan and Jonathon) but you have no contact details.

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant 18.10.14.

Jonathan said...

I'm very sorry to hear this; she's been friendly and helpful to me in the past.

My contact info is available on my Web site, (which can be found by Googling my name); I don't like to spread it around too much because that encourages junk mail.