Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Best wishes of the season to anyone who may happen to look in at this time! You'll probably remember the Christmas feasts at Stouts Hill.

Alan Davis recently pointed me to a short article about Stouts Hill by Stephen Fry, in which he repeats some of his memories already mentioned in Moab is my washpot.


Jonathan T said...

Happy Christmas to you and all the rest of the old farts that we all now are...!

I -and others- are indebted to you for your work on this site. Stouts Hill is a unique little club now, membership having closed some time ago! So we should be a little proud even if most of us have mixed memories...

Jonathan Tilney (67-71)

Jonathan said...

Hello Jonathan, thanks for greetings and compliments. I'm assuming that 'old fart' is a compliment in some little-known Scandinavian dialect (as you probably know, 'fart' means 'speed' in Swedish).

The Stouts Hill Magazine seems to have omitted to record your arrival at the school, but your departure to Clifton is recorded in December 1970.

John Morris said...

Merry Christmas
Season's Grteetings
Happy New Year
To one and all