Thursday, 15 July 2010

Stouts Hill 1960s video

From a correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous, I've received a video made from various pieces of cine film shot at Stouts Hill in the 1960s. The video is four and a quarter minutes long, and shows what seems to be a masters versus old boys football match (probably September/October 1962), plus some sports day races.

You can find the 30-MB MPEG-4 file here. To download:

  • In Firefox for Windows, right-link the link and select Save Link As.
  • In Internet Explorer for Windows, right-click the link and select Save Target As. IE changes the file extension to .htm, so you will have to change it back to .m4v manually in order to see the video. Thanks, Microsoft.
  • If you have a Mac and can't right-click, control-click instead.

Considering the age of the film, the quality is good, although one section of it is damaged and double-exposed.

I haven't tried to put this on Flickr, because Flickr limits videos to 90 seconds.


AJG Morris said...

Nice addition to the “archive” Jonathan.

I have been using Google Chrome for a while instead of IE and could get hold of the video as an MP4 without using a circuitous route.

Is it AJ Cromie with the ball at 0.23?

And what a lovely heavy ball, I’m surprised there’s a header in the clip at 1.24!

The ghost toboggan and Jag are spooky.

And most interestingly there is actually some fairly good football being played.

I recognise a couple of faces of the boys in blazers from the 1966 Sports Day at 3.06: boys who were much older by the time I was there in 1968. Can’t recall the names yet.

At 3.13 it looks like the back of Mr Angus’s head as the starter.

I think it is Mr Flood on the finish line in the blue jacket at the very end at 4.17.

And I think the AAA should investigate the tripping incident at 3.20.


AJG Morris said...

Re dating the football match: I'm trying to work out what one can conclude from the section that is double exposed with scenes of snow etc.
Was that the snow from the "bad winter" of 61/62, in which case which subject was filmed first: was the football the Autumn before the snow or the one after it?


Julian Williams said...

One of the boys running is me, I am the rather gangly one pulling up my shorts and not running very well. I was a wasp and am wearing a pale yellow tab on my shirt.

Green tabs - otters
Blue - kingfishers
Red - panthers

I would love to know who the other boys are because I can hardly recognise any of them.

I can see Mr Woods is playing football and I was wondering if the slightly balding master from behind was Mr Flood.

I wonder who the smiling man is, is he a master or parent?

Somewhere my family have a cine clip of sports day which has been transferred to video. I was looking for it but have not found it yet. When I do I will send it to Jonathan.