Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Rest in peace, Anthony Cromie

Kim Scott-Clark writes again:

"Sadly I have been asked to advise that Anthony Cromie passed away on Sunday 21st Feb. I feel embarrassed to find myself only emailing you with 'death notices' but I know that a posting by yourself on social media will be read by far more old boys than I can reach."

"Ant and Sue Cromie left Uley some years ago and moved to Llandrindod Wells in mid-Wales to be nearer their son Andrew and his family. I will be honest to say I am not sure of his exact age but over 80yrs. He had been ill for the past few months but am pleased to say that he remained at home where he was cared for both by his family and health workers - he passed away peacefully with his family beside him."

"Funeral arrangements are still being made but I understand that a cremation followed by a church service in Llandrindod is likely. Please do pass on my email to anyone if asked as I am more than happy to answer questions from anyone."

And so the last headmaster of Stouts Hill School goes to rest (deputy headmaster in my own time). I had a brief friendly correspondence with him in 2007, and met him at the 2009 reunion. Condolences to Sue and the rest of his family.

The following announcement has appeared at

"Anthony Cromie passed away peacefully at home on 21st February 2016, aged 83. He will be sadly missed by all the family and friends. A service will be held at Hereford Crematorium on Saturday 5th March at 10.45am followed by a Thanksgiving Service at New Life Church, Llandrindod Wells at 2pm. Any donations can be made to The Bracken Trust." (Placed by Sarah Coates)

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Michael Radcliffe said...

I was a pupil at Stouts Hill from summer term 1947 until December 1949 when I transferred to Cheltenham College Junior School. I seem to remember Susan Angus was also in the same class as me, or maybe it was her younger sister Jane? I think Susan may have been charged by her father to look after new boys. If Sue Cromie, the widow of Anthony Cromie, is the daughter of Robert Angus and the Susan Angus I remember, please convey to her my sincere condolences on Anthony’s death, albeit a year late.
I last visited Stouts Hill by chance visit many years ago (around 1986) when Mrs Angus was living in new accommodation built in the grounds of the house. I was deeply touched that she remembered me. I also met Paddie and we reminisced about the past. I remember going into the gymnasium and seeing a school photograph on the wall, circa 1946, in which I identified my brothers, John and Richard who also attended the school. Best wishes to the Angus family and anyone of my contemporaries who might see this message and remember me. If I recall correctly I shared a dormitory on arrival with Mark Hobhouse and David Franklin. Mark read Punch magazine which was regularly sent to him. I remember at the beginning of one term my parents brought me to school a day earlier than the other boys and Susan Angus looked after me with a windup gramophone playing records – the first time I experienced recorded music. I also remember learning to swim in the oval shaped swimming pool plagued with frogs one year! Miss Horsfield was my first teacher, followed by Miss Perks. Mr Day taught latin and compared us to ‘his boys at Bexhill school’. I remember one boy called Gosling who ran away from school, causing much mayhem until he was found. Strange how such memories remain even after 70 years.
Michael Radcliffe