Sunday 21 October 2007

Mr Knight

Mr Knight was known as Cells, I never knew why; Julian thinks it was short for Muscles.

He taught us Latin in the 6th form. He was a calm man who seemed neither old nor young, and managed to keep order without throwing his weight around.

Probably in our last year, Grant Needham collected money to buy him a birthday present, and presented him with a tie and some pipe tobacco. He seemed rather pleased; it was an uncommon thing for schoolboys to do and only Grant Needham would have thought of it.

Stephen Fry thinks he looked like Dr Crippen but seems to have liked and respected him, adding that he fought in Africa and Italy in the Second World War.


Julian Williams said...

And he had a wife who taught pottery ; Mrs Knight. They lived at South Bend and drove a Morris Minor.

I remember Mr Knight as a roundish, slightly balding man with glasses and a small moustache, looking a bit like Captain Mannering.

In South Bend they let us watch The Avengers and The Man From Uncle on their television in their living room downstairs;

We also were allowed to watch the World Cup final in 1966. Afterwards these stamps came out unexpectedly which had been amended with the title "World Cup Winners". This caused great excitment across the whole school because in those days stamp collecting was big, we all pawed over Stanley Gibbons catalogues and arranged for the PO to send us first editions.

Speaking of television does anyone remember Churchill’s funeral which was shown to the whole school in the gym. Before the funeral Mr Crombie (?) made a speech about how we would never see another funeral like this one again, other than for a monarch.

Richard Darell 1964 - 69 said...

Remember the funeral very well, Crombie switched the tv off before the end as did not want us to see the coffin going to the final resting place.

The world cup final was on during the holidays as I remember watching it at a friends house.

Jonathan said...

I see that Churchill's funeral was on the 30th of January 1965, but I'm afraid I have no memory of it.

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