Friday 26 October 2007

Get comments by e-mail

Thanks to a new Blogger feature, you can now ask for all further comments in a particular thread to be e-mailed to you automatically. On the comments page, just check the box "Email follow-up comments to ..."

This works only if you have a Google account. Well, a Google account is free and easy to get, if you want one.


Anonymous said...

I'm AJG Morris (1968-1973)
And also Blundells 1973-1978!
I can't quite get the hang of this blog yet, but will endeavour to do so, so that I can respond properly.
Meanwhile I will dash of this:
I have a number of photos I took at SH. (I'd better start scanning). Including Tony Blackburn in or near the swimming pool!
I also have excellent memories of all kinds of members of staff etc.
For example Soggy Sawdon was called Tim.
Also remember having Stephen Fry home as a house guest one weekend!
When the school closed and the “Kingfisher Society” was effectively wound up Jeremy Lee-Browne complied an address list. I still have my copy, but it would be a bit much to make that public.

I will type up something coordinated and respond some more another day.

John M.

Jonathan said...

Thanks, John. I look forward to hearing more from you.

I'm glad to receive photos by e-mail if you feel like sending any, and can publish them with the others. Large scans are best sent one at a time.