Sunday 21 October 2007


Emile Farhi and Stephen Fry both remember having elocution lessons at Stouts Hill. Evidently these lessons were an optional extra and my parents never requested them.


Anonymous said...

Elocution, or Speech Training as it was in my time was indeed optional and only had a few takers.
My teacher, Sally Whittal, was very pleasant and we learnt poems off by heart in the quiet of the main hall. Each year we were all entered into the Cheltenham Festival and recited our poems and read a few paragraphs from a story book in front of the judges and many other entrants.
Never won anything though!
Alan Davis

Richard Darell 1964-69 said...

I attended these lessons, they were quite polular in my time and took place instead of some other lesson. i do not recall the name of the teacher but i recall the lessons very well. They were very enjoyable and informative. At the end of the session we would see how high we could count with one breath.