Saturday, 9 May 2009

Stouts Hill Reunion Date 16th August '09

At last we have a date set for our reunion at Stouts Hill. It will be Sunday, 16th August 2009 and we have use of the main hall, the former music/drawing room and the former 'Blue' dining room. These rooms are all linked through.

As I have stated in previous messages on this blog, the catering will be determined by numbers. At the time of writing, there are enough for Stouts Hill to cope with so it will be possible for us to have a buffet type of late afternoon lunch. I am awaiting a price and menu from three caterers whom Stouts Hill use from time to time.

I have also spoken to Mr & Mrs Cromie and Mr & Mrs Flood who are very keen on attending. I think there are more members of staff who may be able to come as and when I track them down.

If you know (or when you know) that you will be able to attend, please send me a message. More details will be posted as I get them.

Update: 21st January

To answer a couple of questions that have come my way, I think the event should be informal so no need for your Sunday best suit and shoes (remember them!). Regarding a start time I am thinking of perhaps midday onwards with a buffet mid to late afternoon. This should give ample time for those who turn up later to still have a look around and meet others before eating.

I am still a bit concerned at the price of the buffet. If turnout on the day is low, I could be landed with a substantial bill. Another idea could be to just have tea/ coffee and some light snacks. It might be I could organise this myself and significantly reduce the cost. Those of us who might wish to go for a sit down meal at Nympsfield afterwards could then do so.

Update: 9th May 2009

I am pleased to be able to advise everybody who wishes to attend the reunion that Anthony & Sue Cromie, Paddy Scott-Clarke, Mr & Mrs Flood and Major & Mrs Ormsby have all confirmed that they wish to attend.

I have also sent a reminder message to those who are listed on Friends Reunited. This will, I hope, inspire as many to make it to Stouts Hill as possible. Please let me know, if you haven't done so already, if you are to attend. Post on here if you like, I do check quite often!

Alan Davis


Richard Madley said...

Well done Alan- may I be the first to sign up? Will get my brother Paul to spread the word through South Wales. I will get hold of Chris Coley -who I see periodically in Cheltenham-where he runs a successful corporate racing business and will also let Stephen Fry know.

Alan Davis said...

Thank you Richard! Your name is on the list. The more that 'word' gets around the better. If I could ask for everyone who is a 'definite' to let me know so that I can keep track of numbers as that is quite critical.
Alan Davis

James Sillavan said...

James Sillavan - Stouts Hill 1957 - 1961 (approx) I will be there for 16th August

Jonathan said...

Hello James, and welcome. According to the Stouts Hill Magazine, your dates were 1958 to 1962.

David Morris said...


I'd like to confirm that my father (Peter Morris, 1950-55) and myself (1975 to 1979) will attend the Reunion on 16th August. We'll drive up from Pembrokeshire in the morning, so hope it's not too early a start!

Best Regards,

David Morris

Jason Crossley-John said...

Hello Alan,

I would like to attend the Stouts Hill reunion on 16th August. I attended the school from 1973-1975 and have very fond memories!

Julian Williams said...

I would also like to come and like David Morris will be coming from Pembrokeshire. Thank you Alan, it is all very exciting.

Charles Llewellyn said...

Well done! Brilliant! Looking forward to it very much. Let's hope the weather is good. Thank you for organising it.

L Robinson said...

Alan. We would love to come and including wives and children that will be nine of us. From Laurence Robinson and Robert Davidson.

John Morris said...

I am clearly interested in attending a reunion, but have not yet fixed up my travel plans for the summer.
It is highly likely that I will be there, and will be accompanied by my wife, and perhaps by at least one of my children.

Justin Hunter said...

Justin Tugwell, now Justin Hunter Blogging.

I would love to attend

Andrew Porter said...


Please also add my name to the list- well done for all the organising. I thought I had replied to this but perhaps my memory had failed me.

Andrew Porter

Alan Davis said...

Thanks Andrew, I do have your name on the list. I think you may have emailed me, possibly via Friends Reunited, quite early on.

Numbers are steadily increasing for this reunion. When I went to Stouts Hill recently to firm up a few details, the manager said that a former teacher, Major Ormsby (??) and his wife had heard about it from some source and may well attend.

So as not to overload the car parking area I will be asking local residents if we can make use of nearby driveways if need be. Something else on my 'To do' list.

Robert Darell said...

Think I have confirmed already but I (Robert Darell) and my brothers James and Richard will be atending. Not sure about the eldest, Charles.

Keep us posted and happy with the buffet

John Morris said...

My plans for August have had to be scrapped owing to health complications. I need an operation and it looks like it will be in July.
I will be very sorry to miss the reunion. But hope it will nevertheless be a means to get back in touch with a few folk.

Alan Davis said...

Sorry to hear about that John. I hope everything goes okay and your recovery is swift. All the best.
Alan Davis

Michael Lawson said...

Thanks Alan - please add me to the list: I should be able to make it, and look forward to making contact with some very old friends,

Robert Darell said...

Myself and my brother James will definitely be coming. Maybe also my brother Richard. I will advise in a few days

Richard Madley said...

Alan- many apologies but I now find myself booked to play cricket (against Chris Coley's Gloucester Gypsies!) that day. I will sadly be unable to attend the reunion which I was greatly looking forward to. May I use this medium to say hello to my contemporaries and teachers and wish you all a very happy day.

Anonymous said...

Are we still on for 16th August? If so please may I come too. If anyone wants a lift from Bristol Airport or stations happy to provide one

Jeremy Blatchford
or you can find me on Facebook

Alan Davis said...

Everything is still on for the 16th. Sorry to hear you can't make it Richard, shame as there is unlikely to be another!!
(I think Mr Cromie requires absentee notes by the way!)

Alan Davis