Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Reunion, Sunday 16th August '09

I am starting to receive messages checking that all is okay for the 16th. I can confirm that everything is still very much 'on'.

I paid Stouts Hill a visit a few weeks ago to finalise a few things, the main concern being parking. So long as the ground isn't wet it will be possible to park on the grass. We will also be hoping that all the residents will have gone out for the day too leaving the car park available. If any can car-share it will make things easier.

I am thinking that an arrival time of about midday will be best. This means that those who are travelling from home on the day will not have to make too early a start.

With the help of my sister (and maybe my mother, who used to be a Matron at the school) I will be laying on a Finger Buffet around mid-afternoon with tea, coffee and squash. Up to then it will be possible to take a look around the grounds and parts of buildings or find old friends. It would be a good idea if we manage to get a group photograph of everybody before we go our separate ways later on.

In order to cover the cost of room hire and food, I am asking for a contribution of £5 each. Also, dress code for the day is informal, but I will leave that up to the individual.

I will be away for a week, commencing the 1st August so will not be able to reply to posts, messages, etc. However I can be contacted on +44-1453 756461 or +44-7866 326617 if anybody needs specific questions answered promptly.

We must try to have as many present as possible; so, if anybody still keeps in touch with old school friends, make contact and get them to come along!

Alan Davis

P.S: There is a bar available too that we can make use of. I am assuming it is cash only.

Residents may start returning around tea time and also the staff may want to do any residual cleaning so it may be wise to call things a day around 6pm-ish.


Jeremy Blatchford said...
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Jeremy Blatchford said...

Well done to you and your wife and other helpers. A most brilliant reunion.

Alan Davis said...

Just a quick message to say 'Thank You' all who made it to the reunion at Stouts Hill today.
It was good to put faces to a long list of names!
The general opinion was that it was a success and everybody enjoyed themselves.
I will be writting a separate post on the day in conjunction with Jonathan once he has returned from holiday.
Those who took photographs, please send them into Jonathan who in turn can post them onto the blog.

Alan Davis

Anonymous said...

I am glad the reunion went well. I suddenly remembered that is was yesterday and wondered what it was like. Looking forward to seeing any pictures.

Roger Knott-Fayle

Robert Darell said...

Well done Alan and family for organising a great day, it stirred up memories that had been dormant for a long time. I have some great photos which I will send to Jonathan.

The buildings and grounds looked great and it was good to see the Cromies and Floods in good form

Look forward to the next one