Thursday 6 September 2007

About this blog

This blog was suggested by Julian Williams as a way of allowing different people to contribute their memories of the school. I agreed to implement it. I was at the school from 1963 to 1967; Julian was there from 1962 to 1967.

It's possible that some other kind of Web site would be more suitable for this purpose, such as a wiki or forum, but Julian and I decided to try a blog first because it seems easiest.

The plan is that I start threads on various subjects and you continue them with comments if you have anything to add. You can add suggestions for new threads to the "New thread suggestions" topic.


Julian Williams said...

That was fast Jonathan!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Thx

Anonymous said...

I sometimes have a look to see if there is anything new about Stouts Hill on the web, and found this. Excellent! I shall post some more in due course about the topics you have listed.
Alan Davis 1974-79

Anonymous said...

From Mike Curtis
I was at Stouts Hill from about 1958 to 1962/3
I remember Mr Woods, Mr Flood (who taught me Science, using kits from Esso (or was it Shell?)) Mr Flood's nick-name was Bubbles and he used to get really mad when anybody used this nick-name. I remember doing the washing upin the evening and we would be given some hot milk. Strange things happened during washing up which I will not discuss here. I also remeber extra Latin lessons in the gym.Friends I remember at Stouts Hill are Christopher Minoprio andJeremy Yarnold and I think Knight. I look forward o the reunion being planned.

Jonathan said...

Hello Mike, welcome to the blog.

According to the Stouts Hill Magazine, you arrived at the school for the first term of 1959 and left after the second term of 1964, to go to Cheltenham. If that's right, we overlapped for a year: I arrived in autumn 1963.

Peter S A Baker said...

Hi, I'm Peter Baker, at Stouts Hill school in 1957 for three years, fourth row up from the bottom left of the Stouts Hill posted photograph and six in with the blond hair! I hated every minute of school, full of bullies, inflated egos and corporate punishment. The only high spot for me was Nicola Mordant, my first crush! the sport and scoring an own goal against Mark Phillips who was in goal! Cold showers, early morning runs didn't do it for me! Finishing school I went back to Nigeria, my first employment was on a ranch in Australia. I am now a Wildlife Photographer and Freelance Agent living in Scarborough. Stouts Hill has few memories i would wish to savour.

Jonathan said...

Hello Peter, and welcome to the blog.

According to my records, you arrived for the third term of 1957 and left after the third term of 1961, which would be just over four years. But my dates are taken mostly from the not-always-accurate Stouts Hill Magazine.

I think you meant corporal punishment, unless perhaps in your time Mr Angus tried hiring an external company to cane the boys.

There are a number of others in touch who were at the school in your time and may remember you, although in general they're a bit older or a bit younger than you.

Sorry you had trouble with bullies etc. Everyone's experience of school depends to a great extent on the people you happened to meet there at the time.

I also spent time in Nigeria with my parents, and also have an interest in photography, though not a professional interest. I suppose you travel around and don't rely on the wildlife of Scarborough...