Friday 7 September 2007


I have some photos of Stouts Hill taken in the 1960s, some others taken in 1996 when I visited the place briefly, and some contributed by other people.

I've uploaded them to Flickr; you can find them using the link in the right panel.

Do you have any relevant photos?


Anonymous said...

Jonathan, I've been to Stouts Hill today to try and get some better pictures of the Scholarship boards. The light wasn't good and there is some 'burn out' from the flash. There were other photos on the walls too. I've tried to copy them as best I could, they're not too bad. How can I get them to you? They are digital by the way.
Whilst I was in the area, I popped in to see Mr Cromie. He seems to be keeping well. Sue wasn't in at the time, but I might make an effort to see her soon.
Alan Davis

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Alan. Of course, as I live in Spain, popping in on Stouts Hill or Uley doesn't come easily!

I don't like to publish e-mail addresses on the Web in clear text because then they attract junk mail; but you can find my address here (as a graphic!).

If you send me a message whose total size exceeds about 7 MB, my e-mail server will silently reject it (unfortunately). If that gives you a problem, e-mail me and we can talk about it.

Julian Williams said...

It would be wonderful if Mr Crombie and Sue were willing to add their memories to this site, they must have many stories to tell

Jonathan said...

Indeed, I sent them a letter yesterday to tell them about this blog and ask if they would be interested in contributing in any way. I don't have an e-mail address so I used old-fashioned snail mail.

Unknown said...

Hi there I wonder if anyone can help me,,I did not attend stouts hill but another private school(Grittleton House School)but I remember a private girls school in Uley,and knew a few of the girls who attended,Frances Parker,Joanne Reeves,Louise Cantrell,but it seems that this school did not exist,it would be around 1975-1979,were there ever girls at stouts hill,or would anyone remember a school around the end of the 70s
many thanks Richard

Jonathan said...

Hello Richard, as far as I know there were no girls at Stouts Hill apart from the original headmaster's daughters (before my time). But I left in 1967; maybe someone who was there in the late 1970s can comment.

Zane Dyer said...

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