Sunday 30 September 2007

More photos

I've recently scanned another six photos of Stouts Hill in 1996 and added them to the usual place (see the link in the right panel).

Later: I've also added a whole batch of photos from Alan Davis, mostly photos of the Stouts Hill prospectus for 1969. Some of these photos are small (640 × 480) and some are large (2560 × 1920).


Julian Williams said...

The building in "the Old incineration area" must be the building in which 4b and 5b were located. I do not remember the big barn door opening in the centre of the building, it does not quite make sense, maybe it was blocked up.

Julian Williams said...

The picture on page 7 is mr Kemp teaching 5b

I recognised that photo of Graham Holmes as if it were yesterday!

Julian Williams said...

P14 looks like sister kirk?

These photos bring back so many memories! The little boy in the science lab looks a little like me, but it probably is someone else

Anonymous said...

The photo on page 16 of the prospectus shops Matron Frapwell helping boys getting ready in Tapestry Dorm. It was faked during the day time and the boys are wearing their shirts under their pyjama tops (you can tell if you look closely - they weren't that chubby) The boys are I think Philip Bond, Richard Hughes, Dominic Prior, Julian Tytherleigh with hsi back to the camera and Simon Williams. Mrs Frapwell's two sons Charles and Paul were also at the school at the time.
The photo of the bathroom in the New Wing was also faked during the day time and there was no water in the bath.
On page thirteen the boy fishing in the foreground is one of the Dutsons (Chris?)
Page nine I thiunbik the squash player on the right is Ricahrd Pickett.
Page eight is Miss Burlingham's class FormII. I can recognise A. Pearson and J. Ricketts in the second row, simon Williams at the back.
According to the programme for the Sound of Music Miss Burlingham played the cello and the trombone!
On page seven: M Thomas is lighting the candles.
On page six Mark Lloyd and Dominic Prior are using the microscopes in the freezing cold biology class that at that time was next to the shooting range.
And the confession is that on page fourteen I'm the little twerp at the front with short hair getting his mug filled by sister Pinder!
(And I think that the photographs on the wall behind are from Oliver! as I can see what looks like a lot of workhouse boys sitting at a table)

Jonathan said...

Thanks, John. I've added your comments to the photo pages.

Richard Pickett said...

Hi. This is Richard Pickett, 1966-69. I went on to Marlborough, the University of Geneva and then University College London. After S.H., I remained in touch with Simon Ireland and Andrew Bown for a while, but, alas, eventually lost contact with them. Is it possible to download any of the old magazines? Best wishes to all and sundry.

Richard Pickett said...

Where are the photo pages to be found?

Richard Pickett said...

You are correct.

Richard Pickett said...

Found them! Sorry.

Richard Pickett said...

It would appear that this blog is now defunct, and perhaps should now be erased from the public domain?