Tuesday 11 September 2007

Class of 1962/63

I can make a start on this.

  • Jeremy Blatchford
  • Richard Guha
  • John Hadden
  • Robert Knight
  • Jonathan Marler
  • David St Maur Mills
  • Jonathan Moss
  • Mark Phillips
  • Adam Price
  • Atta/Ataur Rahman

Jeremy has contributed a school photo from 1962 (I think):

School photo 1962


Anonymous said...

Back row, counting from far left: (1) Mark Phillips (5) Anthony Adam (6) Peter Wall (?) (8) David Mills (9) Peter Iliffe (11) Pennyfather (?) (14) Ataur Rahman (18) Jahangir Rahman. And I see Richard Guha next row far left. It's all so long ago ...

Who remembers the grand caning when Mr Angus flogged half the school for breaking away from a marathon walk conducted one Sunday by Mr Flood?

Who remembers Mr Crombie's history lessons: the high point being the re-enactment of the Reign of Terror with a chair, a broom and a waste paper basket as the guillotine?

Who remembers the toads that found homes in our football boots in the cellar under the music room?

Who remembers the loose floorboards in New Dorm that let us drill holes through the gyprock ceilings below and eavesdrop on the evening staff meetings?

Who remembers washing up with Dealey and getting to eat the leftovers from the staff suppers?

Who remembers the grand confiscation of spud guns after nearly all the potatoes had been pilfered from the kitchen storerooms?

Who remembers Mr Scott-Clark (Sloppy Joe as he was known) assisting in the construction of the "Crossing of the River Berezina" landscape?

Who remembers Mr Birchall's colourful blazer?

Who remembers Mr Knight's motor cycle (Sells rides on a motor bike/Caesar he is not unlike/he smokes a pipe with great gusto/ and all the Latin verbs doth know (Peter Langford composition))?

Who remembers Jahangir Rahman taking all 10 wickets in a cricket match?

Who remembers cross-country running around the Bury? And sailing at Frampton?

Who remembers the siren that used to wake us, and all Uley, every morning?

Who remembers watching Rawhide on TV in matron's room at Beech House?

Jonathan said...

Thanks, David. Most of this was before my time, but in my time Mr Flood was still taking some lucky boys (including me) to sail at Frampton on Sundays.

David Llewellyn said...

Forgive the narcissism, but I can identify only myself -- third row from front, fourth from left. I would say the one with the ears, but I notice that I'm far from the only one with that characteristic!

Many of the faces are "familiar," but not sufficiently so to put a name to them.

Julian Williams 1962 - 1968 said...

Could it be 1961 not 62?

There must be other school photos?

I remember the bury run, and practice (8 times round the cricket pitch) and Mr Birchalls blazer. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

I believe I am fourth from right, in the front row, also with ears, and seventh from the right in the front is Evans major (possibly called Timothy?