Thursday 6 September 2007

New thread suggestions

If you'd like to talk about something and there's no existing thread suitable for it, you can suggest a new thread here.


Julian Williams said...

How about a thead for each master, so for instance there could be a thread for Mr Woods (Peck) and then visitors could post stories about Peck on the Mr Woods thread

Jonathan said...

Yes, I was planning to do that, but I thought I'd get a few more general threads started first.

Julian Williams said...

Can we have a place where we can reconstruct lists of class-mates?

For instance I can remember the following as being in my class

Jacob Matheson
Michael Dolin
Richard Erskine
? Jackson
Julian williams
? Holmes

There must have been quite a few more in my year, but they have slipped my memory

Unknown said...

I do remember Nicola Nelson ("the beautiful under matron," as Molesworth would have called her). She was, I believe, a friend of the Angus family, and worked at the school for a year or two. She was perhaps 17, very attractive, tall, and inspired boys to carry sprigs of mistletoe in their pockets close to Christmas with which to ambush her. I also remember, there one of the off-site dormitories was run by a matron called Joan, who at perhaps 35, seemed terribly old to us, but looking back, was actually quite good-looking.

I also remember rowing on the small lake on the grounds, and the woods on the hill. The fact is that the 150 acres was quite incredible for a small prep school - some Universities do not have as much land. Amateurish and quaint as it may have been, it was really a rather special place.

Julian Williams said...

I remember Nikki too, she was tall and lovely but left after my first year. By chance I met her some years later at a cocktail party but she was not interested in talking about her time at Stouts Hill.

Joan was at Beech House.

Julian Williams said...

Can we have a thread about the animals? There were so many animals, the boxer dog which bounced across the wide open spaces and the jackdaws in the turrets, blue dragonflies over the lake and cages of exotic birds in an alcove outside Mr Angus's study

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Dealeys - remember the Butler and his son Colin

Anonymous said...

According to my lists Julian's classmates could have been
Richard Jackson
Graham Holmes

Anonymous said...

March 30th 2009 is the 30th anniversary of the closing of Stouts Hill School. This is but 16 months away. It would be an appropriate time to have some form of reunion of ex pupils and staff. We are not getting any younger!
A round robin email for such a thing is only £10 on Friends Reunited.
Perhaps a thread on this with some suggestions may yield a result. I for one don't mind doing some leg-work as I still live close by.
Alan Davis

Michael Bird said...

I remember Colin Dealey used to let boys have a drag of his cigarette while lying on the grass pretending to watch 1st XI cricket.