Tuesday 11 September 2007

Ten Little Niggers

This was the school play sometime, but I think it was performed by an age group older than me.

Ten Little Niggers

See the Wikipedia page about the book and play.

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David Llewellyn said...

Three identities for you from this photo: one 100% and two perhaps 85% (because it WAS over 40 years ago, and a great deal of water has [been] passed under the bridge since then!).

Second from the left is myself, David Llewellyn, 1960-1965 (about to poke the unidentified prone victim in the ear, and no, I regret I cannot remember who was playing said victim). My identification is confirmed "without a shadow of a doubt" by my father, who was a Stouts Hill governor for a good number of years, and my mother, who wasn't.

The only other players to whom I can put names are the spectacular Ralph Andrews (back row, middle), and the balding David Ireland.

As I remember it, David I., Ralph A. and I comprised the Sixth Form at Stouts Hill in 1964-1965. I started at Charterhouse in May 1965, so the play must have been put on in Summer or Autumn 1964, or the pre-Easter term of 1965.

In (probably) 1970, I was visiting a close friend at Cambridge and, by chance, met up with both David Ireland and Ralph Andrews. They were undergraduates there, while I was a Scholar at Oxford. I remember writing to Stouts Hill, and I believe my letter was printed in an issue of SH Magazine. Perhaps someone still has a copy...